Commerce Village | Shared Space Omaha

commerce village omaha

Omaha is home to many entrepreneurs from different industries. Commerce Village can be their workspace inside the recently renovated Rail & Commerce Building. The space is currently is available to non-profits, remote workers, growing companies and new companies that are thinking about moving to our city. Basically, anyone can work here even if it is for just a day on a business trip.

The modern space offers individual desks and it’s members have access to larger meeting rooms. The amenities include a kitchen, coffee, a fitness center, showers, wifi, printers and a mail room. SCORE also has a space here to support small businesses.

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Omaha in ORBT

Omaha ORBT

It is time for Omaha to grow and add mass transit options. It is what millennial residents expect and what our city needs. Mass transit reduces cars, congestion and frustration. Omaha and Metro are taking the first step with the introduction of ORBT coming in 2019.

ORBT, Omaha Rapid Bus Transit, will run along Dodge Street with 11 stops from Westroads to Downtown. The route will include upgraded raised platforms for level boarding with real time arrival displays. The new 60 foot buses will be powered by natural gas and offer wifi and bicycle stations. The lights along the route will stay green longer and the bus stops are further apart. This creates a faster ride.

I look forward to riding ORBT along Dodge as the first step in our efficient public transit system followed by a Streetcar along Farnham.

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Food Tourism on the Rise

friends on a culinary food tour

Food has always been part of tourism. We let ourselves indulge and explore new foods while we are traveling. Today, it’s reported that a third of people’s travel budgets are spent on food. Travelers are increasingly using culinary tours along with brewery and winery tours to discover new food while they are on a vacation or daytrip.

88% of people in a survey say that gastronomy is a defining element in choosing their travel destination. It is possible that for today’s traveler Restaurants are the new Museum. The chef created dishes are plated with an new aesthetic. Bartenders created cocktails with levels of taste and unique garnishes. Craft Brewers develop brews with newfound flavor complexity.

We admire the artisan craft creations of local chefs, craft brewers and craft cocktail creators. This interest is part of our lives even as we become a tourist in our own cities.

Nebraska Tour Company has created unique luxury tour experiences that introduce visitors and residents to the best chef culinary creations in the city. You can find a tour experience that will help you discover the city at Nebraska Tour Company. Read More

OutrSpaces | Shared Space Omaha

outrspaces logo

The mission of Outrspaces in Omaha is to help the city’s performing artists earn a livable wage. The organization has been operating for about a year and they just moved into their new space about 2 months ago. Their new space provides a place for artists to rehearse and perform.

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Tour de Nebraska | Experience Nebraska

tour de nebraska riders

tour de nebraska logo

Tour de Nebraska is a fully sagged 5-day annual bicycle tour of beautiful rural Nebraska. Founded in 1988, Tour de Nebraska provides a fun way for cyclists to experience the beauty and friendliness of rural Nebraska.

Hosts Charlie and Kim Schilling take care of all the camping and meal arrangements. Riders of all ages can simply enjoy 5 days in the beauty of Nebraska. The 2018 tour is in June and is limited to 500 riders so register now. The 31st annual tour includes 2 nights in Niobrara State Park which will give riders the opportunity to enjoy other activities like tubing and live music.

Visit to learn more and get registered.

Nick Bartholomew; Feeding Omaha

nick bartholomew omaha

Many of us in Omaha know Nick Bartholomew from the very popular Over Easy breakfast restaurant on the southwest side. If you have been there you know that the hash rounds are amazing. Nick is a great guy that always has a smile and is always willing to help people.

nick bartholomew

Nick is also the creator of the downtown summer lunch craze, Dandelion Pop-up. His mission with Dandelion is to support local chefs and showcase their talent. This is the third year for the Friday lunch tradition that features all star chefs with a different menu each week. I suggest you get in line at 11 am each Friday during the summer because this year the menus are selling out quickly.

Nick started as a server which is where he found his passion for the industry. He did have a career in the finance world before he decided to start his own venture which became Over Easy. He secured funding and even appeared on a TV show competition to promote the project. He later worked with Jake Gardner to open The Market House in the Old Market. That venue suffered during the fire two years ago. The future plan is to reopen Market House; however, Mercer Management hasn’t done any of the repairs needed for them to start the remodel.

Nick and Over Easy also purchased the rights to the popular late night food truck food by Localmotive which closed about a year ago. Their epic Rounders and Fries are now available evenings at the Over Easy drive thru. Nick tells me that the plan is to bring back Rounders to the downtown fans. Read More

Convivial | Feasting with Friends



1. friendly; agreeable: a convivial atmosphere.

2. fond of feasting, drinking, and merry company; jovial.

3. of or befitting a feast; festive.

Convivial is a Latin word meaning to live together or dine together that isn’t used much in today’s conversation. However, I think it applies to our culinary and cocktail experiences with Discover Omaha. We create “convivial moments with like-minded people.” Our culinary experiences give our guests the opportunity to gather with family and friends to discover good food and drink in Omaha. Joining with others at a meal is an opportunity to be jovial and laugh with good conversation.

Enjoy Convivial experiences in Omaha with Nebraska Tour Company

Mark Sundermeier; Omaha Upcycle

Mark Sundermeier of Omaha

I discovered @OmahaUpcycle on Instagram. I set up a time to talk with owner Mark Sundermeier at the unique weekend popup market inside the West Habitat Restore. Mark originally served our city as a police officer. After he retired, he started American Arborist Wood Products (@AAWoodProduct)with his son. That arbor company removes trees around the city. Mark wanted to repurpose the wood they collected. That was the start of Omaha Upcycle. He needed to clear his projects gathered in the garage for ‘some day.’

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Rachel Halbmaier; Capitol Events

Rachel Halbmaier

Rachel Halbmaier is the Director of Events for Omaha’s newest district, The Capitol District. I talked with her shortly after the opening of their first bars. The St. Patrick’s weekend opening of 3 venues brought over 5,000 people to the District. She is now busy working on plans for the College World Series to make sure that our locals and visitors have fun in the new outdoor entertainment courtyard space with a big screen.

Rachel first worked at the Railyard District in Lincoln. She came to Omaha to briefly work with the Omaha Chamber on the Riverfront project. She was lured to the Capitol District by developer Mike Moylan. The range of event options in the new area made it the best choice for her.

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Omaha Sister City | Šiaulia, Lithuania

Omaha Sister City Šiaulia, Lithuania

Šiauliai is located in northern Lithuania – near the geographic center of Europe and is Omaha’s third Sister City. Šiauliai is an important transit and commercial hub. The city is located on the Berlin-Kaliningrad-St. Petersburg highway.

Šiauliai is Lithuania’s fourth largest city, both in area and inhabitants, and is informally referred to as the capital of northern Lithuania. Despite its contemporary appearance, Šiauliai is also one of Lithuania’s oldest cities, first mentioned in historical documents in 1524.

The fourth largest city in Lithuania, it is considered one of the main cities of modern development. Šiauliai has a modern sports arena, an airport, usually used for military purposes, and is planning to have a well-developed industry park.

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Serving Omaha | No More Empty Cups

window at no more empty cups in omaha

I had the honor of talking with Nancy Williams, the Executive Director for No More Empty Pots and No More Empty Cups. We talked about the local mission of the non-profit coffee shop in the Little Italy district. No More Empty Pots is an organization to help fight poverty by giving all residents the chance to have healthy locally sourced food. Nancy explained that it is very important for children to have healthy food as their brains develop. No More Empty Pots provides the community with many programs including a shared commercial kitchen to help entrepreneurs, a kid’s kitchen, a training kitchen and a rooftop garden.

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Supporting Omaha | MICAH House

MICAH House shelter

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jaymes Sime, the Executive Director for MICAH House, which helps families in the Omaha metro area. The service was founded in 1986 and assists hundreds of homeless adults and children each year; 55% of which are children. There are currently 23 rooms in the shelter and Jaymes told me there are growth plans in the future.

Jaymes joined the House in 2015 after working at other non-profit organizations following his graduation at a southern university with a Public Administration major with a Non-Profit minor. He has a strong work ethic to assist our community because his family was homeless in the past. He believes in “hard work to make a difference.”

As Executive Director of the facility he wants to break tradition from what shelters have traditionally done. He teaches classes to help build up the self esteem of the adult residents in the House. His team has added a play program for the children. The shelter now offers nutritious meals, counseling resources and an on-site health clinic. Read More

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