Maha Music Festival

10 Years. Same Name. Sweet music. The coolest part: Omaha based.

What began as a day music festival back in 2009, has swooned to include a dedicated non-profit section, that has attracted thousand of individuals each year from every state. If music is your thing (of course it is) then the Maha Music Festival is just your thing.

Pushing beyond what you would call the traditional music festival is what they do. What’s amazing is their ability to attract fans from every part of the United States while still maintaining the culture, people, community, and most definitely the vibes that Omaha brings. With 16 artists performing (from Benjamin Booker to Weezer), there’s no shortage of talent to keep your attention span grounded. 

Something you won’t find at Coachella or any other music festival are the activities brought to you by local non-profit organizations championing their causes and delivering unique, hands on activities. 2018’s featured non-profit was The Kim Foundation.  What they covered brought awareness to mental health with coping strategies. Along with them was the NE chapter for Suicide Prevention-providing one-on-one visits, even letting you write positive messages.  20+ non-profits with countless services can definitely keep you busy during the entire music festival.

Did you want to contribute? Volunteer.  Maha is constantly looking for new blood to help since this festival is built for the community and it couldn’t happen without their help. With an opportunity to give back in a large way, how can you say no. They don’t leave you hanging though. They have some perks only available to volunteers. You don’t have to stay the whole time: they’ve got shifts, but it is well worth it. 

Not sure of what will be happening? You can check out their site in order to fully understand every facet of this festival. They’re crystal clear on what to expect, so expect to be there. If this is your first time, welcome to Maha! Plus, no festival is complete without exquisite delights, so enjoy this video which tastes even better than the music itself.


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