Discover | Midtown Crossing

midtown crossing in omaha

Midtown Crossing was created by Mutual of Omaha around an expanded and updated Turner Park which opened in 2010. The district may look corporate but there are many locally owned businesses in the area. You can shop at The Afternoon which is an Omaha tradition for over 50 years. Have a craft cocktail at the locally owned Proof. Enjoy a meal on the patio at the local Della Costa restaurant. It also has the only movie theater in the urban core. You can also live in one of the hundreds of apartments and condos that surround the park.

Turner Park dates back to 1900 when a Nebraska pioneer and real estate professional donated the land for a public park. Today, residents enjoy summer events like the Turner Night Market, Jazz on the Green and weekly movies.

Discover, shop and eat around Midtown Crossing. You are also invited to join us for a walking food tour of the area: Midtown Food Tour.

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