Be Sweet Bakery

Brianna Parriott is the the owner of Be Sweet Bakery, She specializes in custom design cookies to make every event special. Brianna says, “I’ve always had a passion for baking and from a young age I wanted to bake it all! I began my professional cookie design business in October of 2016, when I was graduating from UNO with a double major in business studies.” She was born in Omaha and is an active member in the Junior League of Omaha, It is important for her to give back to the community she loves.

Her passion quickly grew into a full time position and she create personalized, custom cookies for events large and small. She has been able to work with many corporate accounts here in Omaha, such as First National Bank, the Omaha Children’s Museum, the Joslyn Museum, the Durham museum, the Children’s Hospital Foundation. She can create cookies here in the Omaha area and ship cookies all over the nation. You can find out more on her website and on Etsy! Brianna wants to make your cookie dreams come true.

brianna parriott of be sweet bakery in omaha

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