Haunted Nebraska

Guest blogger: Tayden Bundy of HauntedNE.com

haunted nebraska tombstone

Haunted Nebraska provides information about ghost stories, ghost tours, and ghost related events in Nebraska. My mission is to get others involved locally and nationally with the spookier side of the state. I travel the state to collect stories, photographs, attend events and tours, and collect historical evidence related to hauntings and then relay my experiences through the use of social media and a new blog post every Sunday.

Check out my website at HauntedNE.com to see reviews, stories, events, and information about anything related to Haunted Nebraska. Never stop exploring the spookier side.

Editor note: You can explore the haunted site in Omaha with the Nebraska Tour Company Haunted Omaha Tour which is available all year long. Learn more >

The first rule about Culinary Fight Club

D8F01103-42AD-4A69-AFF4-F6B419BA45EF“The first rule about Culinary Fight Club? Don’t talk about Culinary Fight Club”

Four chefs. 60 Minutes. Their goal? To create unique, appetizing and gourmet tailgating eats, fit for a football game. To create food this delicious requires not only skills, but efficiency, attention to detail, and the most important factor: incorporating Samuel Adams Beer and ground beef into their dish. Their teams were battle tested, but only one chef could come out victorious.

Chef Michael Hogan. Chef Matt Burt. Chef Dallas Brunner. Chef Giovanni Franco. Your Culinary Fight Club contestants. The first priority? Pick ingredients comprising their dish. Each chef had one minute to grab all the ingredients they could handle,courtesy of the Dining Dash race. One caveat: they could only carry ingredients in the apron they were wearing. Their next step? Creation.

At their respective stations you could hear “Yes Chef, no Chef!” Each second, each minute, counting down. Aromas combining to create“the tailgate smell.” Each chef showed no signs of nervousness working faster with precision handling. Adding to the atmosphere were the many guests taking pictures, asking questions,gazing curiously as each plate came together.

However, the fans don’t determine the winners: Our judges do: Alan Rust (President:Nebraska Food Touring Company), Zac Delap (NBC’s Food Fighters Champ), and Will Silvey Simons (Yelp Omaha Community Manager). They were ready and eager to test the skills of these chefs. Each chef presented their plate awaiting their fate from the judges.

Each chef did an amazing job and made their restaurants proud. Unfortunately, only one winner could be chosen. After much deliberation our winners were announced. The Fan vote: Chef Michael Hogan’s gourmet burger dog with special slaw and beer cheese sauce: A savory taste that created a unique flavor in a unique shape. Read More

Discover|Gifford Park

IMG_7807You’ve probably driven past it many times, not even realizing what beautiful hidden gem lies just past Dodge & 33rd St next to a bustling Midtown. Named after Dr Harold Gifford who donated this land, Gifford Park has continued to be a staple in Omaha.

Just behind the K-N-J Grocery Store lies a breath-taking mural. The community loves it. For them, it represents the strong community attachment they have and feel toward one another. It compliments the economic growth in the Mid-town area. It brings everyone together during their market shopping, especially on Friday nights. The mural colors represent the diversity within the community, complimenting their strong bonds.

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Best Culinary & History Tours in Omaha

We are happy to announce that both of our tour brands have combined as Nebraska Tour Company.

One Source. More Choices. Best Tours. Local Guides. Culinary & History.

nebraska tour company logo

Nebraska Tour Company is a locally owned business offering the best culinary and history tours to discover Omaha and Nebraska. Our tour guides are local knowledgeable residents who are passionate foodies and history buffs. We arrange everything for private local tours offered daily for small to large groups.

Our fun, unique and affordable walking tours lead you through the districts of Omaha like the popular cobblestone Old Market shopping and dining district. Our citywide history tours include transportation as you learn our history including the birth of commerce in the midwest plus our mafia and prohibition past. Our VIP culinary tours let you discover the top locally owned chef creations at restaurants in the hottest districts in Omaha in luxury. We introduce our guests to the best places in the Old Market District, Midtown Crossing, Dundee Neighborhood, Benson District, Blackstone District, Aksarben, Little Italy, North Omaha and South Omaha.

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Sagaray Gurung; International Omaha Flavor

sagaray gurung in omaha

Himalayan flavors from Nepal are emerging in the city of Omaha. Sagaray Gurung is a local with a past in Nepal that came to the city in 1996. He has a graphic design background with a passion for food. He brought Himalayan Java to downtown about 2 years ago. This location is the first location of the Nepal company serving Nepalese coffee in a casual atmosphere. He and his wife had their beautiful daughter soon after the shop opened. He is the American manager helping to open other franchise coffee locations around the country.

Sagaray is responsible for introducing the latest food craze in Omaha: Momo dumplings which are a street food from his country. In Nepal these tasty bites are like burgers or wings to us. Today, you can get your Momo at Himalayan Java a couple days a week in either chicken or veggie. You can also get them on Fridays next to Scriptown Brewing in the Katmandu Momo Station. That location will become permanent soon. The new place will offer a wider variety of sauces because Momo is incomplete without sauce. He may also add other Nepalese street food like BBQ.

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Omaha Italian Santa Lucia Festival

omaha santa lucia festival

Guest blogger: Leanna from WellTraveledNebraskan.com

Omaha is no stranger to good food and fun summer festivals. And as someone who has traveled the world, I am such a sucker for these events, as I LOVE to go and get a taste of different countries right here in the comfort of my home city.

As the author over at WellTraveledNebraskan.com, I want to inspire people to travel and explore our own cities and state RIGHT HERE IN NEBRASKA. In fact, it is surprising to a lot of people, even us locals, just how much there is to do in Cornhusker State! Check out 26 EXPERIENCES to be Had in Nebraska or check out our Ultimate Bucket List of Things to Do in Nebraska.

But one of the things that Nebraska (and in particular, Omaha) does right is hold numerous ethnic festivals celebrating countries all over the world, their heritage, food, culture and more.

One of these is the Santa Lucia festival, held along the Lewis and Clark Landing in Downtown. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like Italian food is just one of those genres that you simply can’t go wrong with! Everyone loves SOME kind of Italian food (or if you are like me, you just like it ALL!)

While the Omaha Santa Lucia festival is on the smaller side, there is no doubt that you’ll leave with an absolutely full stomach of delicious, homemade Italian classics and favorites. I personally had a little too much fun making my own food tour of the stalls! Read More

Cali Commons | Shared Space Omaha

cali commons omaha

Cali Commons is built for the uncommonly creative. It is a community of local artists, musicians, designers and makers. It provides resources to create independent revenue streams, access point to engage our members for new projects and commissions and a space for community interaction, professional collaboration and creative cooperation. Our community will get to participate in the process of taking ideas from concept through execution so the community can directly invest in creative talent. Read More

Omaha Men's Destination

Omaha has a unique men’s trio of shops that is a destination featured on The Dapper Style blog. Countryside Village is the location for a collection of shops unlike anything else in the country. Local guy Ben Witte gives a tour for the blog feature.

Discover The Simple Man, a modern men’s mercantile; Dennison Dahlman a classic barbershop; and Inkwell, a classic cocktail lounge.

Follow The Dapper Style for more menswear looks.

Discover | Midtown Crossing

midtown crossing in omaha

Midtown Crossing was created by Mutual of Omaha around an expanded and updated Turner Park which opened in 2010. The district may look corporate but there are many locally owned businesses in the area. You can shop at The Afternoon which is an Omaha tradition for over 50 years. Have a craft cocktail at the locally owned Proof. Enjoy a meal on the patio at the local Della Costa restaurant. It also has the only movie theater in the urban core. You can also live in one of the hundreds of apartments and condos that surround the park.

Turner Park dates back to 1900 when a Nebraska pioneer and real estate professional donated the land for a public park. Today, residents enjoy summer events like the Turner Night Market, Jazz on the Green and weekly movies.

Discover, shop and eat around Midtown Crossing. You are also invited to join us for a walking food tour of the area: Midtown Food Tour.

Commerce Village | Shared Space Omaha

commerce village omaha

Omaha is home to many entrepreneurs from different industries. Commerce Village can be their workspace inside the recently renovated Rail & Commerce Building. The space is currently is available to non-profits, remote workers, growing companies and new companies that are thinking about moving to our city. Basically, anyone can work here even if it is for just a day on a business trip.

The modern space offers individual desks and it’s members have access to larger meeting rooms. The amenities include a kitchen, coffee, a fitness center, showers, wifi, printers and a mail room. SCORE also has a space here to support small businesses.

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Omaha in ORBT

Omaha ORBT

It is time for Omaha to grow and add mass transit options. It is what millennial residents expect and what our city needs. Mass transit reduces cars, congestion and frustration. Omaha and Metro are taking the first step with the introduction of ORBT coming in 2019.

ORBT, Omaha Rapid Bus Transit, will run along Dodge Street with 11 stops from Westroads to Downtown. The route will include upgraded raised platforms for level boarding with real time arrival displays. The new 60 foot buses will be powered by natural gas and offer wifi and bicycle stations. The lights along the route will stay green longer and the bus stops are further apart. This creates a faster ride.

I look forward to riding ORBT along Dodge as the first step in our efficient public transit system followed by a Streetcar along Farnham.

photo courtesy of Omaha.com

Food Tourism on the Rise

friends on a culinary food tour

Food has always been part of tourism. We let ourselves indulge and explore new foods while we are traveling. Today, it’s reported that a third of people’s travel budgets are spent on food. Travelers are increasingly using culinary tours along with brewery and winery tours to discover new food while they are on a vacation or daytrip.

88% of people in a survey say that gastronomy is a defining element in choosing their travel destination. It is possible that for today’s traveler Restaurants are the new Museum. The chef created dishes are plated with an new aesthetic. Bartenders created cocktails with levels of taste and unique garnishes. Craft Brewers develop brews with newfound flavor complexity.

We admire the artisan craft creations of local chefs, craft brewers and craft cocktail creators. This interest is part of our lives even as we become a tourist in our own cities.

Nebraska Tour Company has created unique luxury tour experiences that introduce visitors and residents to the best chef culinary creations in the city. You can find a tour experience that will help you discover the city at Nebraska Tour Company. Read More

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